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System.out.println(“Hello world.”);
Did I managed to fool you with my “Last blog entry” at my old blog? Haha. Just playing a prank with all of you. Well, those who knows me well will know that it’s quite impossible to make me stop blogging. I’ve stopped several times before, only to come crawling back to blog after a few days/weeks.
Welcome to my new blog. Everything still quite new here. But still the same DK blogging, except decaying at different location. Template and stuff might be changed. I’m still searching for the perfect wordpress template. Blog roll not ready yet. Should be up soon.
I’ve always wanted to get my own domain name. But it is hard to put down my old blog at http://decayonnet.blogspot.com. I have to give up my Page Rank and Technorati ranking and rebuilt it from zero. And there is chances where I might lose some readers. It’s not easy to give up everything that I’ve got on my old blog.
But I know I can’t use blogspot forever. So it’s better to move now than later. If I can build up my Page Rank and Technorati Ranking in my old blog, I’m sure I’ll be able to do it again here. If I can’t, then perhaps I just deserved it.
It’s not easy to get this domain name, dk.sg. DK is a reserved keyword by SGNIC. (It’s the country code top-level domain for Denmark) In order to register this domain, I need to fax to them any documentation that justify using dk.sg as my domain. It took me several weeks to get this domain. (Including some cockup and lost emails) Registering a .sg domain usually just takes a few hours.
But it is worth the effort. The domain name is short and truly represent me. 🙂
Then it took me quite a while to setup this blog. The procrastinator in me at work again. Must constantly remind myself of my 2008 New Year resolution #4.
So hang around and have fun.


  1. Nicole: Xie xie ni. Can expect lots of visitors from your blog coming over. Oh, and Hi Auntie! My new blog nice? 😀
    I also don’t know much about wordpress. Just playing around with it only. 😛
    Might be changing template soon. Still looking for a good template. 😛

  2. Wah.. I was shocked when you decided to stop blogging, and I smelt a fish because you wouldn’t stop blogging for no reason!
    Nice layout and nice domain name!
    You fooled me..

  3. Xinyun: Yeap. Finally. 😀
    imp: Thanks.
    Haney: It was actually quite easy. Just that it took quite awhile cause I got 1400++ entries to import. 😀
    Malique: Hee hee. 😀

  4. Sicarii: Thx. 😀 Will be playing fine tuning it this few days.
    Leong Him Woh: Yeap yeap. 10 letters only.
    chillycraps: Really? Actually I kinda like my old blogspot skin. Except the sidebar is too narrow.
    Daniel: Thanks. Do you know you can re-arrange the items on the side bar? 😀

  5. Priscilla: Thx. 🙂 Trying to get used to the new interface.
    Han Cheng: Haha. Of cos I remember who you are. How’s life? 😀
    Cris: Hee hee. 😛

  6. Arggh! Now you tempted me to get my own .sg too! I’d been thinking about it for sooo long and finally decided to give up! Even sent my new namecard to print just now already leh… but but but… now haiz… DK! I HATE U!

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