PC Anti-theft software

Do you have a Windows laptop? According to FBI, 1 out of every 10 laptops will be stolen within 12 months of purchase.
Are you afraid that your laptop might get stolen? Well, good thing is there is a new software that helps increase the chances of recovering your stolen laptop. It’s call GadgetTrak for Windows. It’s from the maker of BAK2u and Verey I.
Taken from the website.

GadgetTrak for Windows PC, is a location tracking program that resides on your computer. When the system is moved to a new location it sends you the new location and network information via email. GadgetTrak for Windows PC provides accurate tracking results including the laptop public and private IP addresses, as well as host names. By providing the information to law enforcement the tracking results enable identification of the thief name, phone number and address.
GadgetTrak for Windows PC determines the location of the laptop by analyzing its network configuration information, including the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and hostname. This technology provides an accurate, pinpoint location anywhere in the world, and the results are sent to you automatically, with no active monitoring whatsoever, to protect your privacy.

This software is currently sold at S$59.90 for 12 months subscription.
But for a limited time only, you can get GadgetTrak for Windows PC at a special price of S$47.00 for 12 months subscription. That is a 20% discount off the usual price!!!
To order, email sales@bak2u.com your name, email address, number of copies you wish to purchase and Promo code “DK”. (Must put Promo code to get the discount)
While stocks last.
This is an advertisement, but I wasn’t paid to write this.
(Ahem, someone better treat me dinner for this advertisement. 😛 )


  1. Notebook locks are easy to cut and won’t protect your laptop when it is in the bag, which is where many are actually stolen when you are not looking. Locks are used when the system is opened and on a desk…which is usually when you are sitting in front of it. I also encrypt the data on my system just in case it is stolen, probably not an issue for someone who just uses their laptop to post comments in blogs and Facebook…a lock will probably do you just fine.

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