Is it safe to make advance payment to Pacnet?

Jean really “Fan Tai Shui” this year. She keep bumping into unlucky stuff lately. And the latest thing to add to her “Tai Shui” list is the Pacnet issue. She paid one year worth of subscriptions last year before the GST increment. And now Pacnet is claiming that she didn’t pay the full 1 year subscription last year. Which is strange because she got the free MP3 speakers for making the one year advance payment.
Calling the customer support didn’t seem to help for her case unless she can proof that she made payment. The problem is, she don’t have the receipt anymore.
I always told my Dad that there is no need to keep receipt since the computer system has all the history of charges and payment. After reading Jean’s story, I think I will need to take back my statement. I guess we can’t really trust technology that much.
I’m working in the IT line and my department’s system have to handle money frequently. Money is a very sensitive issue. There is no room for errors and discrepancy. Every cent need to be justified. I still remember spending several hours trying to justify a missing 2 cent from the system. You may say that it’s just a 2 cent issue. But end of the day, it’s the creditability of the system that matters most. We may have wasted several man hours on the investigation, but we managed to proof that the system is correct.
What have Pacnet done with the dispute on their payment system? Instead of investigating the issue, they simply push the responsibility to the customer. How can a company do that? What has the company done to ensure that it wasn’t an error at their system or process? Nothing.
If advance payment can disappear for no reason and requires customer to produce proof, then who will trust the system in the future?

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