JI detainee escapes from Singapore detention centre

JI detainee escapes from Singapore detention centre.
Tagged as Singapore’s most wanted militant, he planned to crash a hijacked plane into Changi Airport. Hope they re-capture him soon.
Just wondering….. How did someone who walks with a limp managed to escape?

A massive police operation is underway in Singapore after the leader of the Jemaah Islamiyah network here, Mas Selamat Kastari, escaped from detention at 4.05pm on Wednesday.
A statement from the Home Affairs Ministry says Mas Selamat walks with a limp and is presently at large.
He is not known to be armed and is one of Singapore’s most wanted men.Extensive police resources have been deployed to track him down after he escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre.


  1. Well, I guess he won’t be a danger for the public now since he is not armed. But if let him regroup with the rest, then we are in danger.

  2. chiar lat!
    I think we are too complacent… it always happen somewhere else , but not here….let this be a good wake up call to all concerned. we are all humans after all.

  3. when i first heard of the news, i tot he was from Changi Prison. After reading this news extract, i wonder why a high profile detainee would be placed in a detention centre.

  4. massive jam at the woodlands causeway… i was stuck in the jam for nearly 45 mins or so.
    didn’t even know that this person escaped..and yes! how amazing that he managed to do so with a limp! someone(s) could have assisted him in the detention center..

  5. ChangO: I didn’t thought that it wouldn’t happen to Singapore. Just that, I didn’t expect a limping one.
    loyalty Singapore: I doubt so. But we’ll never know.
    malique: Because he is not convicted yet. So in the detention centre.

  6. EileenBean: Jam at which side? Singapore to Malaysia? Hmm… Maybe more checks to prevent him from escaping from the country. Once he get out of SG, the chances of getting him back will be damn slim.
    chillycraps: Possible.
    Ian Timothy: Maybe they concentrate on those not limping? 😛

  7. Well, the amazing thing is that this guy is one of the wanted men and the state detained him in low security detention centre. We really haven’t seen anyone escaping from the Changi Resort for a very long time, right?
    He walks with a limp. What kind of description is this? There are a lot of people walking with a limp in Singapore. Of course, due to security reasons, they may not disclose much in order to not pre-empt any dangerous actions.

  8. He is just a suspect right? He is not a convicted criminal which is probably why he is still in detention center instead of the prison.
    If I’m not wrong, he was arrested under the Internal Security Act. Over the years, many Singaporean were arrested under the Internal Security Act and later released because they did not commit any crime. At least not yet.

  9. runningman: Got photo also mah. I guess the walk with a limp is the most important part. Can see from far.
    hafriz: Haha. If this thing works, then he wouldn’t be arrested in the first place. 😛
    Kevin: Well, he only plans terrorist attack. Haven’t do yet. I guess it is better to have such people locked away.

  10. He surely be outside SG already..I think the related authorities should look into what went wrong and improve or tightened the security. After all, they maybe potential terrorist that may plan an attack!

  11. Cloudywind: Ya, limping and unarmed. Should be easy. (I hope)
    John: Depends. If this is a planned escape, then yes, he should be out of SG by now. But if this is just a opportunity and everything wasn’t planned, then I guess he is still somewhere in the jungle

  12. This is quite sad really. He escaped while going to the toilet. Haven’t the guys at the detention centre watched any HK crime flicks? These guys ALWAYS escape from the toilet!
    Someone is really going to get it big time. I suspect the fella on the duty is going to spend a lot of time doing toilet duties from now on.

  13. Our image of “tight security” it is true ?
    Is it just surface only…. ?
    “tight” for the “easy” guy like you and me….
    “Very easy” for the “tight” limpping guy. too bad…… next great “lobang” is set up security firm. see our next 5 years activity 2 IR, biggest sportday 2010, Jurong Island (happen also JI… LOL). Good business ahead.

  14. That fucker is definitely screwed. How far can he run? The minimum punishment he should get is to kick him down the cliff with a anal grenade.
    The bigger fucker is of course the police.

  15. Your use of vulgarities was extreme and inappropriate (he didn’t kill your entire family), totally unnecessary.
    You destroys the friendly atmosphere in this discussion.
    You’re neither funny, nor informative. You add nothing to this section.
    Don’t bother trying to increase the traffic to your website.

  16. wats happenin to SPF?? HOW RA THEY GONNA FACE THE PUBLIC???? SPF are known to be one of asia’s top security …..its shameful….sigh….

  17. I’m quite disappointed with the way the police handles such people. A JI guy who is a wanted guy can easily escape while going for visit. he should have a least an escort with him during his movement out of his cell!
    The security for the detention’s toilet should not be the factor for his escape. And to leave such a protected place w/o any help is impossible. I think even the police working there should pass thru some barriers b4 going inside to work so I don’t believe that it the work of the JI person himself, but a planned escape with other people involved. Anyway, this will reflect very badly on our security, especially against terrorism, and s’pore reputation to the world such as the US.
    Guess youth olympics shouldn’t be held in s’pore if the results come out later than original.
    the public should have know more info abt this JI guy earlier and hope his caught ASAP.

  18. I feel that he must have help from insider! this is really really sad, we- singapore known as an corruption free country, i doubt he can bribe our force, however, if it’s under certain spell of the bomoh then my question is- how can he do it to the entire force???? this is really a very mysterious escape!! hope our govt can give us a detail explaintion and the measure they are going to take in the future.Now i really feel unsafe living in singapore.

  19. How could this have happened in singapore…..he escaped with a limp in a highly guarded place…..i suspect his escaped is linked to the security helping him

  20. I’ve been talking to quite a few people on this matter and ALL of them show the disbelief looks when told it happen in Singapore. Interestingly, the answers to the detainee escape from the detention centre are split into 2.
    1. There are help inside the detention centre (most likely JI members in the centre – uniformed)
    2. He is tortured to death inside the detention centre and SG cannot afford to have that on the front page of newspaper due to Human Rights as it is better to have him ‘escaped’ rather than ‘dead’.
    Both are merely pure speculation and not meant as fact. Just another viewpoint on how can a limping suspect especially one that is most wanted in Singapore be without surveillance when going to the toilet? Thought SG would have already tagged him (electronic device).

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