Limping terrorist escape using the classic tried and tested method

I guess all of you have heard about the limping terrorist escaping from Whitley Detention Centre on Wednesday. It has been revealed that he used the classic tried and tested method of escaping from toilet. The guards never watch movies 1 huh? We all know that whenever a detainee go to the toilet, he will surely escape one. That is what they always do in the movies. How can you all let him go toilet? Give him a rubberband and tie lah.
Now that he has escaped, Wong Can’t Sing “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”. He said he is sorry that it happened, from a script prepared nicely for him to present during Parliament. Nobody told him that if he wants to look sincere, he should face the camera instead of the prepared script when saying sorry. Perhaps we should give him another pay increment so that he can say sorry in a more sincere manner next time.
On the side note, rumors that Suntree picture is going to do a remake of the 1953 movie, The Limping Man. Mas Selamat Kastari is being considered for the lead role. That is provided the polices and soldiers manage to find him.
The Limping Man Starring Mas Selamat Kastari.
Limping to a theater near you.


  1. “Limping to a theater near you”. Lol. That’s it!! That’s how he managed to escape from the police by hiding in a cinema. Heh.

  2. Remember a nursery rhyme.
    … the king is in the counting house counting up his money,the queen is in the palour eating bread and honey.the maid is in the garden hanging up the clothes and down came a crow and peck off her nose….. or something like that.
    in another word :-
    “Negligence of Duty”
    Pay cut pay cut pay cut 🙂

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