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Bernard wrote an excellent article on the 3 blog advertising company in Singapore. Great in-depth analysis. A must read for those who are trying to earn some money thru blogging.
I totally agree with his views on the exclusivity model.

The Exclusivity Model does not work for bloggers in Southeast Asia: Some online advertising companies have tried to get the bloggers to give exclusivity of their blogs to one agency alone. That model is unlikely. Let me sketch out why this is unlikely. Most or all Asian bloggers prefer instant gratification, i.e. they want to get paid quick and they want to be paid as much as possible. It is likely that the bloggers would want to have more ads deploy so that they can diversify the payment rates. For example, a blogger can deploy three ads where the online advertising agency pays at different times. So, it is not sensible for them to give exclusive rights. The problem gets worse when it comes to prominent bloggers who command high traffic. If they give away their exclusive rights (unless they are given better incentives than the rest), the online advertising agency needs to justify why there is a preferential treatment.

Check out the whole article here.

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