YB vs Blogger

Our neighbour across the causeway are having their election soon. One of the political party decided to use Youtube to make a series of ads to spread their message in a more relaxed manner. Very creative. Looks like those Mac vs PC ads.
This can never be found in Singapore since we do not allow political parties to advertise. (But if you own the mainstream media, and the mainstream media report on your political party every single day, it is call news reporting, not advertisement.)

Anyone care to help translate? Thx.


  1. Rough translation here…
    A: Ladies and gentlemen, our country has advanced. See… we have Cyberjaya, we have Putrajaya, we have IT song, we have… Eh… you. You! What are you doing?
    B: I’m writing my blog.
    A: What blog? You have condemned our country. You put our country in a messy situation. We cannot compromise our country’s unity!
    B: But I just want to share my views.
    A: All bloggers are liars. From 10,000 bloggers, 8,000 of them are women! For a (Germilang, Terbilang dan Cemerlang –> 3 good adjectives, not sure how to translate them) country… I call all Malaysians not to be fooled by bloggers, because they are foreign agents!
    B: Alamak…
    A: Eh, can I have your blog address?
    Text: Stubborn men are always afraid of shadows (?).
    Text: In this election, vote for change.
    Text: Youth for Change. http://www.y4c.org.my

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