There isn't a time better than this

The HR dept finally recalls that my contract will be ending next week. So they send me an email asking me to go down and renew my contract. But as I was on MC for 2 days and busy when I return from MC, I couldn’t find time to go down to the HR. So I arranged to meet the HR manager on monday afternoon, before lunchtime.
But then, I think I’m just going down for the sake of going down. I have already more or less decided not to renew my contract. Unless the company can give me a super duper good package which I doubt so.
But then, there isn’t a time better than this to quit my current job. I’ve been there for 5 years already. It’s about time to take a break and move on.
Things at Blog2u is picking up faster than I’m expecting. Lots of new plans coming up in the next few months. Would be good for me to put down everything and concentrate on it.
Been wanting to learn PHP for the longest time, but still didn’t find the time to pick it up. But with the frequent PHP user group meet up, it should be easy for me to pick up now.
iPhone SDK has recently been released. Although I have no experience in coding in xcode, it would be interesting to learn and try develope something for it.
So I guess if everything goes as planned, my last day would be this coming Wednesday. (Not Tuesday. I counted the date wrongly previously)
Perhaps I should start planning my handover on monday after returning from HR.


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