Loosing it

A friend of mine commented recently that my blog getting boring ever since I moved to this new domain. I can’t help but agree with her. I think I’m loosing the magical touch.
It must be the blogger’s block. Yes, it’s back. The old blogger’s block friend is back to haunt me. It sucks to have blogger’s block.
To make things worse, I’m still not very used to the wordpress environment. I’ve discovered that there is a bug with wordpress when using Safari. The text spacing will be messed up if you reopen a draft. Attaching picture is quite troublesome too. In the past blogger helps you resize the picture. But wordpress doesn’t. (Or maybe it just, just that I don’t know how) I have to manually add the width and the height myself. Kinda hassle. Is there a better work around?
So please excuse me while I chase away that blogger’s block of mine and get my stupid brain to get used to the wordpress interface.
Let’s hope I’ll be able to get back to my old blogging self soon.


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