A day in DK's life – 13 Mar 2008

First day of unemployment. Not very productive actually. Could have been better. But a big part of me wanted a break. So I kept the schedule simple.
11am: Woke up late cause I slept at 6am the night before. Check SMS to see one missed call and a SMS from her. Wanted to meet her for lunch at NUS initally, but didn’t cause she is supposed to have a meeting at 1:30pm. She SMSed to say that her meeting was postponed and asked if I was still interested in lunching with her. What kind of question was that? Who wouldn’t want to have lunch with her? So I replied her SMS and got ready to go out.
1130am: Left home. The good thing about being a guy is that you can go from bed to out of the house in less than 30 minutes. It was raining heavily and traffic was horrible. I hate driving when it rains cats and dogs. Singaporeans (including myself) are horrible drivers during normal days and it become worse when it is raining.
12pm: Reached Bugis Junction to pack Soup Spoon and ToriQ. I guessed it’s a great weather for soup.
1230pm: Finally reached NUS. Crazy rain, crazy traffic. Found a nice spot outside a lecture hall for soup and toriQ. Great soup. Bought mocha from Coffee Club Express. Nice coffee.
145pm: She went back for her meeting. I waited for her since it’s going to be a quick one. Used my iPod touch to check email and browse the internet. Still amazed by the things that iPod touch can do.
245pm: She came out from her meeting. Gave her a ride home. Luckily the rain start to get smaller.
330pm: Reached home. Did some testing on the system. Crushed another bug.
530pm Left home for LG event at Vivo City
630pm: Reached Vivo city for LG KS20 product launch. Great event. Met several bloggers like Rinaz, Sheylara, Farinelli, Nadnut, IZreloaded, Estee, Highway Blogger, Claudia, Ice Angel, Jayden and Sabrina. Thanks to LG, Fleishman and Princess Sabrina for the invite. It’s great that companies are inviting bloggers to their product launch.
930pm: Went Geylang for Beef Hor Fun and Tim Sum with Highway blogger and Nadnut. Highway blogger took us to this great Beef Hor Fun store. Craving for more now even as I blog.
1130pm: Took train home from Aljunied. Luckily I got Mobile Broadband to keep me company.


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