A day in DK’s life – 19 Mar 2008

1030am: Woke up, bought breakfast from McDonalds. Can’t remember when was the last time I had McDonalds for breakfast.
11am: Clear email and did some work.
12pm: My sis, aka my financial planner, came over to get me sign some document. I feel safe putting my money with her and seldom question her recommendation. She just got a Fujitsu tablet laptop. All my signing is done on the tablet itself. Paperless is the way to go. Continue to work on some stuff after signing the documents.
3pm: Still raining. Looks like our prayers for a dry day didn’t work.
330pm: Left home. Since dad not going out, I drove his car. Went over to fetch Jean.
430pm: Reached BMW Hydrogen 7 exhibition near Bugis Junction. Met up with Brian from Ogilvy and Highway blogger. We had an introduction to the new BMW Hydrogen 7 and followed by a joy ride. It was a great experience. Thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite. Will blog more about the event later. The exhibition is at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. It is from now till 23 March 2008. 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on weekends. Visit the exhibition if you got the chance.
6pm: Left the showroom. Hanged around at bugis junction for a short while before deciding to head for Cathay for dinner.
630pm: Had dinner at Cathay, The Indulge with Jean. The pasta is great. I’m not a chicken wing person, but the chicken wings there are good.
730pm: Went to the Singapore PHP user group meetup. Was feeling abit sleepy due to the heavy dinner. I won the lucky draw again. This time, it’s a book call “PHP Objects, patterns and practice” by Matt Zandstra. Just what I needed.
11pm: Went to Prinsep street for Tou Huay with Alice and Jean before going home. It’s been a great day, especially the BMW event.


  1. Ignorantsoup: I don’t know is it trying to flush someone out of the forest or preventing others to go in the forest to look for someone.
    Oh well, we don’t even know if he is still in the forest to begin with!

  2. Vandalin: Don’t know you in office mah. Thought you very busy 1. 😛
    Miccheng: Yeap. Thanks a lot. 🙂
    Molemole: Aiya, I don’t write paddy also write.
    bobo: Still ok lah. 😀

  3. Hee.. uncle .. heee..
    i know molemole diary will go: …. eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Boss KPKB I not working… continue to eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Again KPKB…. continue to eat, sleep…

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