The new BMW Hydrogen 7 – Tomorrow's solution. Today.

I was invited by Brian from Ogilvy to visit the BMW Hydrogen 7 showroom at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. Together with Jean and Highway blogger, we were given an introduction of the place and given a joy ride on the new BMW Hydrogen 7 car.
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The BMW Hydrogen 7 is just like any car you see on the road. OK, maybe I should say just like any BMW car you see on the road. The special thing about this car is that it has 2 gas tank, one for normal petrol and the other one is for hydrogen. Yes, this car runs on hydrogen. There is a button on the steering wheel that controls which fuel to use. The good thing about running on hydrogen is that it does not produces any pollution. Car running on hydrogen only produces water vapour which is not harmful to the environment. Hydrogen is the future. Because of the dual fuel tank, a small portion of the boot is taken up by the thick hydrogen tank.
The BMW Hydrogen 7 car isn’t for sale now. It will take another 5 to 10 years before we start seeing mass production of cars using hydrogen. Although you can’t buy the BMW Hydrogen 7 now, BMW will lease the car to High-profile celebrities. From what I understand, nobody in Singapore got the invite. Let’s hope maybe we’ll get one in the future.
Switching between Hydrogen and Petrol is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel. During the joy ride, we tried switching from Hydrogen to Petrol then back to Hydrogen while moving on the road. The only hint that a switch was made was a small soft “click” sound coming from the valve. Other than that, you can’t tell any difference.
The joy ride was great. The steering wheel is on the left hand side. So we aren’t allow to drive it even though all 3 of us has driving license and one of us is good at drifting. (Not me, even though my initial is DK – Drift King) The ride was very comfortable. Well, this is a BMW 7 series, what do you expect? The driver drove to Tekka mall and make a U-turn back. A little too short for me since I’m really enjoying the comfort in the car.
The only thing about hydrogen is that currently, most hydrogen are produced using fossil fuels. This still causes pollution to the environment. The idea way to create hydrogen is using solar or wind power. I’m sure they are working on that. Personally, I think the BMW Hydrogen 7 is the future. I’m glad that I was given this chance to have a sneak peak into the future. Many thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite.
Do visit the showroom if you are free this weekend. The showroom opens daily from 9am to 8pm till March 23.

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