Unemployed, 12 days later

It has been 12 days since I left my work. If you ask me how am I enjoying life of unemployment, I would tell you frankly that the feeling haven’t sink in yet. Somehow, it feels like a long holiday. Or rather, it doesn’t seem long to me. It seems like just a couple of days ago when I left the company.
I spend the past 12 days relaxing and resting. After working for 5 years, I guess this break is god send. I love the fact that I can go café and drink coffee on a weekday afternoon as and when I like. Or hang out late at night and not worry that I need to wake up early the next day.
But after resting for 12 days, I guess it’s time to get myself back and start to work on some serious stuff.
Lots of things happening over at Blog2u. Everything just come rushing in all at one go. It’s a good problem to have, but we need to handle them well.
It’s also time I start de-rusting my brain and start some programming work. For a start, I’m going to pickup PHP. Yes, I know I have been saying that for the longest period. But I think I finally got the time to do it now. After I learn PHP, I’ll do some project that has been in my brain for the longest period. The reason why I bought webhosting is not for blogging, but more for the projects that I have in mind.
And if time permits, I think I would pick up another programming language. Hee hee.
The problem with all these plans is that, they aren’t generating any income. Well, not yet. Living on savings isn’t exactly something fun even though I have enough savings to last me for more than a year. But well, sometime you need to lose some things to gain more things.
Just like what they say: Don’t think. Just dig a hole and jump in. Either you climb out or you get buried inside.
I will climb out.


  1. I’d dug a hole.
    Fallen in.
    Tried climbing up.
    But fell back in.
    Then they came along.
    And pulled me up.
    But I’m still in the hole.
    Slowly I’ll climb up.
    I know I will.
    Ok, pardon me. I just felt like doing that. See u on Friday! 🙂
    claudia’s last blog post..March is the Month to Switch?

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