(Mas) Selamat one month toilet break anniversary

It has been one month since Mas Selamat went for toilet break and escape from prison. One month already lor. Yet he is still on the loose. Maybe he is now at some beach resort having suntan with some bikini babes. Or planning another terrorist act. The government wants to believe that he is still in Singapore, maybe hiding in one of the forest. Hello, one month liao leh. If he still in Singapore and hiding in the forest, I think he is one lousy terrorist. A good terrorist would have escaped from Singapore within the first few days. Besides, how do you survive in Singapore forest. Granted that he may have been trained in jungle survival. But this is Singapore jungle. There is NOTHING for you to survive on.
His escape triggered the largest manhunt ever in Singapore. No, not those half naked man doing catwalk and saying “World Peace”. But soldiers and Police sweeping the forest to hunt him down. Instead of finding Mas Selamat, they found illegal immigrants. In fact, lots of illegal immigrants. Don’t they know that the police are hunting down a terrorist? Still stay in the forest waiting for the police to catch.
The border has also been tighten to prevent Mas Selamat from escaping out of the country. The checks is so bad that the queue for lorry to leave Singapore goes from the Causeway all the way to 10 miles junction. But instead of catching Mas Selamat, they found contraband cigarettes and DVD. Dude, they tightening the borders and you all still got the balls to smuggle things. Why not take a month break and wait for them to step down on the checks?
The past one month has been most frustrating for the polices and soldiers who were tasked to hunt them down. They have to act on every clue from the public. But the thing is, the public don’t have much clues to begin with. We were only told about his escape 4 hours after the incident. It was reported that there were people who saw him escaping. If the news about his escape was released earlier, it would be harder for him to escape.
And the way the police release information about Mas Selamat is similar to the way JJ Abrams release trailer on Cloverfield. If the police wants viral marketing, I think they done a good job here. Firstly, we were told that Mas Selamat walks with a limp. Even the wanted poster state that he walks with a limp on the left leg.
Few days later, we were told that he doesn’t walk with a limp. He only limp when he runs or walks fast. Damn, so we have been hunting for the wrong fellow. For all you know, he might have walk pass several people, but they didn’t report him to the police because he didn’t walk with a limp. 1 week later, we were told what clothes he was wearing when he escape. WTF are you all doing. What is the point of telling us what he wearing only 1 week after he escape. He should have changed his clothes couple of times already. You mean you need 1 week to get check if it is safe to tell the public what clothes he is wearing at the time of the escape? And the public are advice not to speculate about his escape.
The news has been reporting that the public stand united behind the police in search for Mas Selamat. Volunteers from the public has been seen giving out poster of Mas Selamat. Do we have a choice to begin with? The whole image of Singapore being a secure country has been destroyed overnight by this security lapses. This is not a normal criminal. He is a terrorist. With him on the loose, it’s only a matter of time that he start planning his attack on us. And we are all screwed if he managed to strike us. So the public is playing their part in helping the ISD clean up their shit. And what do we get? Teaser information about the escaped terrorist, released bit by bit over a long period. And the information is usually useless when it has been released. So what’s the point in telling us? Might as well do the search yourself. If the police is really interested in getting Singaporeans to help, then release more information about him.
It is hard to walk around in Singapore and not see a poster of him. His poster is everywhere. Lift lobby, MRT station, Bus Stop, Bus Door, lamppost, school, office, shopping centre etc etc. Even the entrance to Sentosa has a poster of him. In fact, I think there are more poster of him than LHL’s poster during election period. Mas Selamat became a celebrity overnight. All handphone owners received a MMS of his picture, although most of us have already seen his poster by the time the MMS get to our handphones. Everyone in Singapore is talking about him. And it’s no surprise that the bloggers and forumers decided to crack jokes on him. Well, since we were told not to speculate on how Mas Selamat managed to limp out of detention centre, why not do other fun stuff?
Bloggers all over Singapore are talking about it. mrbrown joked about how the ISD should learn from the school examination board. Talking cock made an interesting poster about Mas Salemat. We even got a game about finding Mas Selamat. Oh, and the entrup
Even the Straits Times is reporting about bloggers having a field trip.

But the irreverent nature that is a hallmark of Internet postings came to the fore time and again.
One wag used a little ‘electrickery’ and put up a poster: Based on the hit TV series Prison Break, it featured a picture of Mas Selamat digitally grafted onto the body of the show’s protagonist, Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller.
The punchline: The series’ name was changed to Toilet Break.

I guess it is referring to this poster.
The news made it into international newspaper.
So it has been one month since Mas Selamat escaped. So what’s next? Reports saying that the search will be scaled down to more focused area. Still refuse to admit that we lost him. A 3 person Committee of Inquiry will investigate on how he managed to escape. The funny thing is, the COI is appointed by the same group of people who made the mistake.
Up till now, nobody step out to admit mistake. The outcry on the internet for Home Affairs Minister to resign was not reported on the media. Well, to be fair, Wong Can’t Resign. Like mrbrown said, “We are not like those free-wheeling and chaotic governments from Western democracies that make their leaders accountable for every little thing.”
How true.


  1. Xinyun: The good thing about GWB is that he will be forced to leave office after 2 terms. These buggers will be there forever.
    Precious: Can don’t celebrate 1 meh? 😛
    ignorantsoup: OH YA HOR. Almost forgot that April Fool’s is coming.

  2. haah…ya, come april fool’s day, i suppose someone will pull a mas selamat joke.
    well, this episode basically shows that singapore not that efficient in security afterall.
    i’ve not been reading newspaper lately, but not sure if people got caught smuggling cig and DVDs. the stringent check is for people travelling from singapore to JB. unless someone thinks that Spore cig smells better, and there’s a market for illegal DVDs from Singapore, don’t think anyone would do just that… :p

  3. Xinyun: Ya, actually there is nothing we can do. Damn.
    a: I hope nobody pull a Mas Selamat on Apr fools. Come to think of it, you are right abt the smuggling. But then, how come lately so many people ganna caught? Hmmm… no idea. Haha. Maybe they also tighten the incoming checks too.
    Precious: I not as steady as him mah. Haha.

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