My Mighty Mouse refuse to scroll down

I guess I haven’t been feeding my mighty mouse enough cheese lately. Without warning, the 3 months old mighty mouse decided to stop scrolling down. Initially I thought there is some problem with Safari. But all my application are having the same problem. So I guess it’s time to clean my mighty mouse. Before you misunderstood me, I do clean my mighty mouse every once in a while. But I guess it needs a good cleaning today since it refuse to scroll down.
But the mighty mouse still refuse to scroll down after cleaning. I guess there is some dirt blocking the scroll ball sensor. So I google on how to open the mighty mouse for cleaning and was shocked to discovered that you can’t open the mighty mouse. *Horror* Like that how to clean?
However, I did came across a forum discussion saying that you can try sliding a piece of paper thru the gap at the scroll ball to clean it. I tried and it works! Now I can scroll down again. 🙂
Bad design. Luckily there is a work around.


  1. HaHaHa
    This actually worked 1st time. Thanks for the tip.
    I used a small 5mm strip of printing paper and shaped it into a half curve and the held down the small scroll wheel which revealed a gap.
    Fed the paper in and gently twisted it around the wheel.
    Make sure you keep pressure on the wheel to keep the small gap open, otherwise the paper may snag.

  2. I have used a drop of windex on the scroll ball. then, holding the mouse in my hand I applied a strong pressure while scrolling down several times. amazing how much dirt comes out! I’ve applied ONE LITTLE DROP of windex or any degreaser product two or three times and now it scrolls MIGHTLY.

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