NTU Triple Sharing Hostel

Singapore really running out of land. So bad that the NTU hostel is considering on Triple Sharing room. Talk about threesome.
It really sucks to have so many people squeezed into one small room. They even have to put 1 table below the bed.

The students in NTU did voice their objections. Some decided to make interesting MTV and put them up on youtube. Check out this 2 that I found.

Very creative. They should consider song writing in the future if their jobs were snatched by Foreign Talents.
Glad to hear that they will scrap the plan. But the problem still exist. Are they going to build more hostel? Will it be harder to get a hostel in the future? I know friends who stays all the way in Tampines and couldn’t get a hostel in NTU. Quite poor thing. Talk about having to travel such long distance everyday for school. Those time can be better spend doing revision.
Actually, there is a simple solution to this problem. REDUCE THE FREAKING NUMBER OF FOREIGN STUDENTS IN NTU. KNN, the whole freaking University is like a University of Foreign Talents. Why the heck are we training them to bite us in the future. Reduce the number of China and India students. Singapore University should be meant for Singaporeans. We have tons of Singaporeans who are unable to get into local University and left with no choice but go oversea. Reduce the number of foreign student intake. Educate our own people first.


  1. Yes I do agree, our universities seem to be catering to foreigners rather than our own people. But the thing is, in other universities elsewhere, foreigners pay lots of money and their money subsides local citizens. In Singapore, we pay them to COME here to study. End up they benefit more than us, and they leave for greener places. Stupid policy of foreign talents, I must say.
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  2. Because we need them. Singapore needs to expand its population and we need to attract them here. Our only resources are our people. So we need to think of ways to attract.

  3. Dandan: That is provided they stay after their studies. How many of them actually stay in Singapore and get citizenship? And how many of our own people left Singapore and stay in another country because this country rather take foreign students than local students?
    Ignorantsoup: Yeap, I don’t know why they are paying for the foreign students to study here and not giving the needy students free education.

  4. haha good point put across. However, I think it is the same with all the countries. It’s like making a bet to bring them here and pray that eventually they will contribute to the economy.
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  5. Tianhong: Well, at least other countries aren’t paying for the foreign students.
    I don’t mind if they stay back and apply for Citizenship after their studies. But how many of them does?

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