Upcoming events

Couple of events coming up lately.
28 Mar 2008 – Yebber 1st Anniversary
Happy Birthday to Yebber! The party will be at Mint Museum of Toys at Seah Street. Sounds interesting.
29 Mar 2008 9am – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore
Social Media Breakfast has been ongoing in several cities in the States. This is the first time someone is organising in Singapore. Sounds interesting. Good chance to meet the bloggers and the people in Social Media.
29 Mar 2008 10am – Web 2.0 – Emerging Industry Series
3 panel discussions on Alternative Energy, Interactive Digital Media and Web 2.0. Looks interesting. But it’s 10am. Social Media Breakfast is 9am. I’m thinking how am I going to attend both events. See how lah.
5 Apr 2008 – Live Recording: 65th Episode of 65Bits Podcast
The 65th episode of 65bit! WooHoo! The podcast is supposed to be on 29 Mar, but after seeing so many events taking place on that day, the crew of Tech65 decided to spare us the trouble of cutting ourselves into several pieces and postpone the podcast to 5th Apr. Cool. Thanks a lot guys.
If you notice, all the events are on Facebook. Can almost use facebook as my calendar. Haha.

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