Brownie points

After doing several good deeds, I finally accumulate enough brownie points from her to redeem for a brownie. She bought me a brownie from P.Osh on Wednesday night when I send her home after her appointment.
It is a peanut butter brownie. I couldn’t eat it on the spot because they didn’t give us a plastic fork. I tried it the next morning. It tasted good. Although I must say that there is nothing special about peanut butter brownie as they just simply put peanut butter cream on top of the brownie. I was expecting the brownie itself to have peanut butter taste. But nope, it doesn’t.
But the brownie still tastes good, with or without the peanut butter. Only complain is that the brownie is too small. 1 piece simply not enough.
And I forgot to put the brownie into the oven before eating. Damn. Never mind, will accumulate more brownie points for another brownie. Next time, I’ll remember to put heat it up before eating.


  1. “Brownie points… which can be accrued by doing good deeds or earning favor in the eyes of another, often one’s superior.”
    What.. superior ah?? 😉
    Try the Brownie Factory next time.. Really good Brownies… :p
    NTT’s last blog post..Europe beckons..

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