Advertisement that pissed you off 3

This is not the first time we see an Advertisement that plays sound by default.

This time, it’s on hotmail. The good thing is, the sound is not on infinite loop. It’s just a short 3 to 5 second sound. (But annoying enough to make me want to write this entry) The bad thing is, everytime you refresh/move to another page, they will play this advertisement again.
Argh. Not something good when you got lots of emails to read on Hotmail.


  1. I go to Soccernet & Channelnewsasia extensively.
    With soccernet, they have this Video talk, which runs automatically. That irritates the hell out of me.
    And with both websites, some of the advertisements, like the BMW one, will have this sudden pop-up with animation, video and sound if your mouse just happen to hover over it.
    And when I blog, on LJ while going thru my friends list, some users still insist on getting their IMEEMs set to autoplay. That can get scary when you are surfing alone at nite.
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