I guess I haven’t been feeding my mighty mouse enough cheese lately. Without warning, the 3 months old mighty mouse decided to stop scrolling down. Initially I thought there is some problem with Safari. But all my application are having the same problem. So I guess it’s time to clean my mighty mouse. Before you misunderstood me, I do clean my mighty mouse every once in a while. But I guess it needs a good cleaning today since it refuse to scroll down.
But the mighty mouse still refuse to scroll down after cleaning. I guess there is some dirt blocking the scroll ball sensor. So I google on how to open the mighty mouse for cleaning and was shocked to discovered that you can’t open the mighty mouse. *Horror* Like that how to clean?
However, I did came across a forum discussion saying that you can try sliding a piece of paper thru the gap at the scroll ball to clean it. I tried and it works! Now I can scroll down again. 🙂
Bad design. Luckily there is a work around.

800am: Woke up, check email did some work.
900am: Left home for our partner’s office at Kallang. Hate peak hours commute. Alight at Lavender MRT station and took a cab which cost just $4. Didn’t walk in because I don’t want to be sweaty in the meeting.
1000am: Reached partner’s office for meeting. I’m the only person representing Blog2u as Paddy and Diana are in Thailand meeting another partner. The meeting was great. Like the synergy between both companies. Going to love this partnership.
1145am: Meeting finally ended. Didn’t expect the meeting to last so long. Decided to walk to Lavender MRT station instead. It was a pleasant 10 minutes walk. Replied to couple of SMS that came in during the meeting.
1230pm: Meet Shanice at The Cathay for lunch. Went to The Indulge (again) cause I couldn’t think of any other good food nearby. It’s been at least a year since I met her. Did some catching up. She just started her new job couple of weeks ago. And she is still enjoying her honeymoon period with her boyfriend. Good for her. 🙂
130pm: Walk Shanice back to her office. Bump into her new lady boss. We think she might be thinking that I’m her boyfriend. *Slap forehead* Oh well, let her explain later. Sigh. Went over to Raffles City to check out the supermarket.
200pm: Nothing much to buy. Decide to go home instead. Check my emails using iPod Touch with wireless@sg near Sturbucks. Got some emails which I wanted to reply, but somehow I couldn’t send them out. Think something wrong with my email setting again. I thought I fixed it already. Oh well. Maybe reply those emails at home. I think I need a blackberry. Haha.
245pm: Reach home, reply emails and did some work. Luckily I got Shirley to help me out. At this rate we are going, we will need to employ more staff soon. Might be employing one more staff soon. Resume sitting in my mailbox. Still considering.
445pm: Time really flies when you are busy. Rush out of home to meet her.
500pm: Reached NUS, pick her up at the usual place and drove her to her friend’s house to collect some stuff. Head over to Beach Road for dinner.
600pm: Reached Golden Mile Food Centre. Wanted to try the pasta there, but the shop is closed. We had Char Kuay Tiao and Hokkien Mee instead. The Char Kuay Tiao is quite famous there as they uses no pork and no lard. Taste not bad, but something seems missing. Char Kuay Tiao just isn’t the same without pork and lard. It’s like driving a ferrari along Singapore road. We had waffles and Belgium chocolate for desert. Simply heavenly. Great stuff. Dying for more now.
700pm: Drove to a quiet spot by the sea for a chat and enjoying the great music playing on radio. It’s been a great day.

Well, an Australian guy is about to find out if it is possible to sell his life on ebay. Not exactly his life, but more of his lifestyle, house, car etc etc. Everything he owns is up for sale in 1 auction. Even his job and friends are included. At the end of the auction, he plans to walk out of his house with just the clothes he is wearing plus his wallet and passport.
Nope, I don’t think this is a joke. He claims that he is having mid life crisis after his wife left him. The auction will start on 22 June 2008 and ends on 29 June 2008.

This is kinda interesting. While some of you might find it crazy, I think it’s a great idea. But I won’t do something like this even if I have a very big mid life crisis. I don’t think I have the courage to do anything this crazy. Besides, who will want to buy my lifestyle? And no way am I going to give up my iMac!
But come to think of it, it would be nice to buy his lifestyle. The house looks nice. Would be nice to have a change of environment. But I don’t think I have enough money to buy it. Haha.
If you want to get a life, maybe can consider bidding for his.

OK, I know I’m late in posting this. But congrats to Mr Ma Ying-jeou for winning the Presidential election.
I’ve always wished that Mr Ma win the election. At least cross straits relations between China and Taiwan will be more peaceful during his presidency.
Anyway, here is an election video by Mr Ma Ying-jeou. Looks great.

Why can’t political parties in Singapore advertise for their parties?

Bon Jovi – One step closer

I’ve seen my heart of darkness
Let’s just say I crossed over that line
Held hands with the hopeless
In too deep on that ride went around one more time
When you’re standing on the edge you don’t look down
‘Till you’re ready and willing to fly
Now I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try this time
I hitched a ride with forgiveness
In that river of emotion I went down a third time
I spent the night with the living
Took a chance looked inside didn’t know who I’d find
Standing on the corner of that lone goodbye
All alone, it’s there I made up my mind
Yeah I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try
I’m sick of giving up
Ooh, with a little luck
I’m gonna get out of here
When you’re standing on the edge don’t look down
‘Till you’re ready and willing to fly
I’m one step closer
With my arms open wide here
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try
I’m one step closer
I’m one step closer
And I’m willing to try

It has been 12 days since I left my work. If you ask me how am I enjoying life of unemployment, I would tell you frankly that the feeling haven’t sink in yet. Somehow, it feels like a long holiday. Or rather, it doesn’t seem long to me. It seems like just a couple of days ago when I left the company.
I spend the past 12 days relaxing and resting. After working for 5 years, I guess this break is god send. I love the fact that I can go café and drink coffee on a weekday afternoon as and when I like. Or hang out late at night and not worry that I need to wake up early the next day.
But after resting for 12 days, I guess it’s time to get myself back and start to work on some serious stuff.
Lots of things happening over at Blog2u. Everything just come rushing in all at one go. It’s a good problem to have, but we need to handle them well.
It’s also time I start de-rusting my brain and start some programming work. For a start, I’m going to pickup PHP. Yes, I know I have been saying that for the longest period. But I think I finally got the time to do it now. After I learn PHP, I’ll do some project that has been in my brain for the longest period. The reason why I bought webhosting is not for blogging, but more for the projects that I have in mind.
And if time permits, I think I would pick up another programming language. Hee hee.
The problem with all these plans is that, they aren’t generating any income. Well, not yet. Living on savings isn’t exactly something fun even though I have enough savings to last me for more than a year. But well, sometime you need to lose some things to gain more things.
Just like what they say: Don’t think. Just dig a hole and jump in. Either you climb out or you get buried inside.
I will climb out.