I was invited by Brian from Ogilvy to visit the BMW Hydrogen 7 showroom at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. Together with Jean and Highway blogger, we were given an introduction of the place and given a joy ride on the new BMW Hydrogen 7 car.
dsc03488.JPG dsc03479.JPG
dsc03485.JPG dsc03465.JPG
The BMW Hydrogen 7 is just like any car you see on the road. OK, maybe I should say just like any BMW car you see on the road. The special thing about this car is that it has 2 gas tank, one for normal petrol and the other one is for hydrogen. Yes, this car runs on hydrogen. There is a button on the steering wheel that controls which fuel to use. The good thing about running on hydrogen is that it does not produces any pollution. Car running on hydrogen only produces water vapour which is not harmful to the environment. Hydrogen is the future. Because of the dual fuel tank, a small portion of the boot is taken up by the thick hydrogen tank.
The BMW Hydrogen 7 car isn’t for sale now. It will take another 5 to 10 years before we start seeing mass production of cars using hydrogen. Although you can’t buy the BMW Hydrogen 7 now, BMW will lease the car to High-profile celebrities. From what I understand, nobody in Singapore got the invite. Let’s hope maybe we’ll get one in the future.
Switching between Hydrogen and Petrol is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel. During the joy ride, we tried switching from Hydrogen to Petrol then back to Hydrogen while moving on the road. The only hint that a switch was made was a small soft “click” sound coming from the valve. Other than that, you can’t tell any difference.
The joy ride was great. The steering wheel is on the left hand side. So we aren’t allow to drive it even though all 3 of us has driving license and one of us is good at drifting. (Not me, even though my initial is DK – Drift King) The ride was very comfortable. Well, this is a BMW 7 series, what do you expect? The driver drove to Tekka mall and make a U-turn back. A little too short for me since I’m really enjoying the comfort in the car.
The only thing about hydrogen is that currently, most hydrogen are produced using fossil fuels. This still causes pollution to the environment. The idea way to create hydrogen is using solar or wind power. I’m sure they are working on that. Personally, I think the BMW Hydrogen 7 is the future. I’m glad that I was given this chance to have a sneak peak into the future. Many thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite.
Do visit the showroom if you are free this weekend. The showroom opens daily from 9am to 8pm till March 23.

1030am: Woke up, bought breakfast from McDonalds. Can’t remember when was the last time I had McDonalds for breakfast.
11am: Clear email and did some work.
12pm: My sis, aka my financial planner, came over to get me sign some document. I feel safe putting my money with her and seldom question her recommendation. She just got a Fujitsu tablet laptop. All my signing is done on the tablet itself. Paperless is the way to go. Continue to work on some stuff after signing the documents.
3pm: Still raining. Looks like our prayers for a dry day didn’t work.
330pm: Left home. Since dad not going out, I drove his car. Went over to fetch Jean.
430pm: Reached BMW Hydrogen 7 exhibition near Bugis Junction. Met up with Brian from Ogilvy and Highway blogger. We had an introduction to the new BMW Hydrogen 7 and followed by a joy ride. It was a great experience. Thanks to BMW, Ogilvy and Brian for the invite. Will blog more about the event later. The exhibition is at the corner of Beach Road and Ophir road. It is from now till 23 March 2008. 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on weekends. Visit the exhibition if you got the chance.
6pm: Left the showroom. Hanged around at bugis junction for a short while before deciding to head for Cathay for dinner.
630pm: Had dinner at Cathay, The Indulge with Jean. The pasta is great. I’m not a chicken wing person, but the chicken wings there are good.
730pm: Went to the Singapore PHP user group meetup. Was feeling abit sleepy due to the heavy dinner. I won the lucky draw again. This time, it’s a book call “PHP Objects, patterns and practice” by Matt Zandstra. Just what I needed.
11pm: Went to Prinsep street for Tou Huay with Alice and Jean before going home. It’s been a great day, especially the BMW event.

After bugging Danny for the longest time, he finally give in and started a blog on coffee.
For the uninitiated, Danny is the best barista and he makes kick ass Mocha at Geek Terminal. He is like a walking coffee encyclopedia. Go read his blog if you love coffee.

“Coffee should be Black as Hell, Strong as Death, Sweet as Love.”

Update: I just discovered that it is not a secret. A lot of people knew about it long time ago. I’m the slow one. 🙁

10am: Woke up, check email and internet. Tried to do blogging, but didn’t have time to complete an entry. Need to rush out for meeting.
12pm: Reach The Indulge, Cathay for lunch meeting with Darren and Claudia from Yebber. For Blog2u team, we have Paddy, Diana and me. We update each other about our progress so far and our future plans. There are many areas which we can work together. Darren is a great guy to work with. He is flexible and always open to new ideas. And he is lucky to have a great staff like Claudia. Great team, look forwards to more ways which we can work together.
2pm: Lunch meeting over. Supposed to have another meeting at Geek Terminal at 3pm, but it is postponed till 6pm. Paddy is having another meeting for BAK2u business while Diana is meeting a potential client. Since I have nothing to do before the meeting, I decided to join Diana for her sales talk and see if there is anything I can help. Got a call from our programmer, Kevin, while on the way to the client’s place. Updated on the progress so far and I told him to focus on certain areas first. This way we can still get the things going while he go for his business trip on Wednesday. Everything looks good.
3pm: Reached the client place. Diana gave a sales pitch while I try to add in more details to her presentation. Diana is a fast learner. We are glad to have her as our sales staff.
4pm: Sales pitch over. Went to the nearby canteen for coffee with the client. Had a good chat and try to build up relations. End of the day, most business is done thru relation. Everything looks good. Seems like a done deal.
5pm: Left client place and head down to Geek Terminal. We are early for the meeting. Finally got time to check my email. I think I need a blackberry or iPhone so that I can check email while on the move.
6pm: Paddy arrived at Geek Terminal just in time for the meeting. Geek Terminal is a great place for event and meeting. This is the first time we are meeting the project team so we spend several minutes exchanging namecards. It’s a big team with members from several companies, each with their own expertises. From what I can see, we basically covered every aspect that is required in this project. This is going to be a strong team. I can’t reveal much about this project as NDA has been signed. All I can say is that something big is about to happen. And it is something new in the industry which none of our competitors has ever attempted. Am very excited about it.
730pm: Meeting over. Had a discussion with the boss of one of the company in the project. She is only a week younger than Paddy and shares many similarities with Paddy. Think we will enjoy working with each over on this project. We also explored several other ways which we could partner together. Things are going to be exciting. But by now, I’m already drained after a long day of meeting. Chris from geek terminal brought out some red wine for us to try. Unknown to many, Geek Terminal serves great wine too. Great for unwinding after a long day.
930pm: Finish discussion. Finally had my dinner. Almost forgotten about it.
1030pm: Left Geek Terminal and head home. Listened to last friday’s Buzz Out Loud podcast on the train. Too bad this week’s Tech65 podcast isn’t ready yet. Guess the folks must be busy. Switched to some loud music from Linkin Park while walking home. Great way to end the day.

Finally got time to sit down and blog about this event.
Firstly, many thanks to LG, Fleishman and Princess Sabrina for inviting me to this event. It is always great to know that PR companies also invites bloggers to media event. Besides bloggers, forumers from PPCSG are also invited.
The event started with a very short intro on the KS20, follow by models doing cat walk with the phone. After that, they went from table to table showing us the features of the phone.
The KS20 is a cool looking smart phone. It looks like the LG Prada phone in many ways. But unlike the Prada phone, the KS20 is a smart phone which runs Windows Mobile 6.0. The KS20 has a 2.8″ 65K color touchscreen TFT display. It’s HSDPA (which is great if you have a mobile broadband SIM card) and also has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. And FM radio too.
In short, it’s a cool phone. I didn’t get to play much with it cause everyone is crowding around the phone (or maybe the models).
We had lots of time to network around while the models go from table to table. Then came the lucky draw where 2 lucky winners walk away with the KS20. I didn’t win. Sigh. But Estee won. Lucky gal.
I know, you must be wondering why no pictures. Well, it turns out that most of my pictures are quite blurish. So decided not to post. If you are interested, you can check out the beautiful pictures taken by Jayden.
OK, Ok, I steal one photo of all the models and post here for you guys to bio and drool. (I mean drool over the phone, not the models!)

I have become an orphan in Friends for sale!
What happen was, Precious bought me and set me free. So my value went from around $190k to 90k now.
WHY?!?! Why do this to me? I want my value back. 🙁
Looks like I’m going to take a very very very long time to get back my $190k value.
Please buy me in Friends for Sale. Pleassseee……