What's keeping me up whole night

No, I didn’t wake up super early today. I haven’t sleep yet. Been up whole night doing some stuff for Blog2u. Lots of tight deadlines this week. We just closed another deal for blog2u. No biggies since we been doing this quite a lot lately. But this is not an ordinary deal. There is a very interesting component to the deal which is very exciting. Maybe I’ll wait till Saturday before I reveal what is it. All I can say now is that it is something new and never been attempted before. Been up whole night planning on how to execute this in the best way that benefits both our advertiser and partner. This is going to be exciting.
I have nearly $800 worth of advertiser’s product with me now. These are review sets and prizes for contest. It’s a hardware cryptography USB device call easySafe. Very cool stuff. Basically, you can hide confidential files on your PC and the only way to view those files is to plug in the security usb device. Check out their website for more details.

The new website need to be launched soon. Just some fine tuning here and there.
And need to prepare for a presentation for a big client this coming friday. No joking matter. Lots of money involved in this deal.
All these has been keeping up whole night. Haven’t slept for more than 24 hours already. Things picking up and going at a very fast pace.
But I’m enjoying every second of it.


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