Would you dare to let your 9 year old child ride the train alone?

I was reading this article about a parent letting her 9 year old child ride the train alone and figure out how to get home by himself. The article unleashed a flood of reactions ranging from accusations of child abuse to fond memories of first-time subway trips.
Personally, I was quite surprised by the reaction. I always thought that the Americans are more willing to let their child roam around by themselves and let them learn to be independent. Perhaps I was wrong, or perhaps 9 year old is too young for such adventurous stunt.
But I salute her for her action. How many people would have the courage to let their child come home by themselves?
But you know that it is something that all parents should do one day. Maybe 9 is an early age. But if the child is ready, why not? Who says a baby must take start crawling at the age of 7 months and walking at 10 months? Why can’t some of them do it earlier if they are able to?
I know I’m not qualified to say this as I’m not a parent myself yet. Maybe I’ll be worst, I don’t know until I’m one myself. But I feel that sometimes parents are over protective over their child. Sometimes, they just need room to learn to be independent.
I know a guy who haven’t got his ATM card at the age of 24. His mum keeps it for him. And he give all his salary to his mum for safe keeping. His mum will give him “pocket money” every day.
I think sometimes, parents just need to learn to let go and understand that their child is old enough to care for themselves.


  1. mm I know of 6 yr olds who walk home from school every day. And they have to cross a busy road to get home. Sometimes they don’t even go home directly they go to the playground to play before going home. I think… it’s one thing to teach independence and another thing to let loose altogether ba.
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  2. Hmm. I always remembers that once when I was in kindergarden (6 yrs old), I walked my classmate across the street back to her home when her parents didn’t came to pick her up. By primary 1 (7 yrs old), I was taking school bus. By primary 3 (9 yrs old), I was taking public bus back home.
    @Bobo: Oh yes, I always play at the playground while waiting for the public bus to make a loop turn whenever I go for tuition lessons.

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