The Government should not be blamed for Mas Selamat's escape

I don’t understand why so many people are blaming the Government for Mas Selamat’s escape. Why are they being blamed in the first place? It’s not their fault at all. None of them were at the Whitley Road Detention Centre when Mas Selamat escaped. So why are they being blamed for it?
We shouldn’t blame them for the escape. We only give our Government credits when Singapore is a safe place. But when Singapore become unsafe, it is totally not the Government’s fault. We aren’t unreasonable people who blame our Government for things. We don’t ask them to resign just because some terrorist escape from our detention centre. We are reasonable people. We continue to pay our Government millions of dollar.
‘Complacency sets in when a people have not suffered any shock or setback for a long time.’
YOU SEE! The Government is giving us some shock and setback so that we won’t be complacent. Where in the world do you find such good Government? And ONLY the people of Singapore are complacent. The Government is never complacent. Repeat after me, The Government is never complacent. Good. Class dismissed.
I think we should increase our minister’s salary again. They deserve higher pay.


  1. I would only say we were too proud, our singapore is always best in a lot of things. Our own proudness prove us wrong in mas selemat incident

  2. Moby: Did they give out money again? Damn, I better check the mails.
    Beckham: No leh, I never thought that way. I always think that such thing could happen.

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