Desperate times, desperate measures

Something went wrong with Singnet’s name server or something. Apparently, all Singnet users can’t access the Tech 65 website. There is nothing wrong with Tech65’s webhost because Starhub and Pacnet users can access the site.
If it is the usual podcast, I might be fine waiting for Singnet to sort themselves out. But this is no normal podcast. It’s a special episode. It’s Tech 65’s 65th episode. They recorded it last Saturday at Geek Terminal infront of a live audience. I was present too.
Wanted to call Singnet helpdesk. But I think they can’t do anything about it. I don’t want to be put on hold for 1 hour for nothing.
It is during these desperate times when people start taking desperate measures.
So I went to the Mcdonalds near my house, ordered my brunch and use Qmax’s wireless@sg to download Tech65 podcast to my laptop. It is slow, painfully slow…… But at least it is downloading. Unlike the stupid Singnet. So that’s how I got my copy of Tech65’s 65th episode podcast.
Damn, I sound weirder than usual in the podcast.


  1. Aiyah use OpenDNS lah. I switched to it sometime last yr when I found out I couldn’t access some blogs at random times of the month. Found out it was Starhub’s problem.
    Eversince switching to OpenDNS, no more such problems leow.

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