I’m a killer? Oh Really??? Wow….

CHICAGO – The world is in shock as news sinks in.
“It’s only a matter of time before dk kills you and everyone you know.” said Dr. Paul Rathburg, a University professor who is the spokesman for the World Health Organization.
Contact with, or even being in the proximity of dk is known to trigger acute prickly hot desert rash, loose eyeball disease, and a deadly soup of bacteria called gumbo that shoots out of your nostrils.
“We know that dk needs little time to reach sufficient levels to kill,” Rathburg said.
Rathburg said the first victim was a young man who had a web design job, and worked for a well respected university. “He was perfectly fine when he went to work,” Rathburg said in a telephone interview.
“After about 15 minutes, he had a case of bone liquification disease and collapsed on the floor. The autopsy clearly indicates he died from exposure to dk,” said Rathburg, who would not disclose the man’s name or the precise place and time of his death for privacy reasons.
Rathburg said the man had perfect health. He had made four visits to his doctor in the year before his death for treatment of sweaty bellybutton, which may also be related to dk.
From this seemingly insignificant exposure, dk spread death quickly and efficiently throughout the town and expanding beyond state borders. Days later, the deaths have swept across the globe. Scientists believe dk is an international issue and it should be treated as a very serious problem. “Nothing can prevent future deaths. We now know, dk will kill everything.” Dr. Rathburg stressed.
Exposure to dk causes about 1.6 million deaths in adults in the United States each year, according to the World Health Organization, and this number doubles each year.
“This dk is a horrible death. There’s no doubt, dk will kill us all.” Rathburg said as he burst into tears.
A tragic day for the world as we try to understand the final impact this will have on mankind.

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