Making mistakes

We make mistakes everyday. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Sometimes we don’t even know that we made a mistake. (ah, that the worst mistake one can make)
But that is life. We do things, explore and make a few mistakes here and there. End of the day, we learn during the process. Nobody in this world can claim that they never made a single mistake in their life.
I was having a conversation last night about the education system and how unforgiving it is. From young, we were told that we cannot make mistakes. We grew up with the fear of making mistakes. And when we are afraid of making mistakes, we tend to stop trying and stop improving.
But life is about making mistakes. To be afraid of making mistakes is like afraid of life. We have been making mistakes since young.
Look at how a baby learns to walk. Did anyone teach the baby how to walk? We can only guide the baby, but end of the day, the baby learns how to walk by trial and error. The baby will try to walk, fall a few times, cry about it and repeat the whole process until he finally learns how to walk. (And that is when the nightmare for all parents begins.)
And if all babies are born with the “afraid of making mistake” mentality, I think we will still be crawling on the floor.
So why are we so afraid of making mistakes now? Is it because we are more sane? Or is it because we have more things to lose now?


  1. mm wonder if I should be commenting on this. haha
    I think it’s not just the education system. The country itself the culture… is all about calculated risks. The entire system thrived on risks which aren’t quite risks in the first place. Which means a lot of planning took place, they had people with lots of foresight making decisions, bringing Singapore to what it is today. Both a success and in some ways, a failure.
    I guess we’re a success in a global way, compared to many countries we are and have been quite ahead of them despite our youth. And it’s only this KiaSee syndrome that has led our leaders to make very careful plans which turned out the exact way they expected.
    The people, no matter how much they complain about the government, display the same traits too. Very very few quit their jobs without having a new (and better) one confirmed first. Many have dreams which will be unfulfilled because their dreams don’t fill their ricebowls. Many parents can be heard telling their children to study hard otherwise they won’t have a future.
    mm Personally I just think that the fear of making mistakes… is ok. As long as one still takes SOME risks in his life, calculated or not. I think the most important trait to have is to be able to bounce back from making a mistake. To admit it was one and turn back or make things right.
    The foolish are those who insist it’s so.
    Bobo’s last blog post..Taste Paradise.

  2. I always say this … ‘what’s the worse that can happen?’
    If it is something manageable.. settle with it and then push it thru.
    That’s all.
    And not leave everything till the last breath only to regret what you ought to do then. It is too late.

  3. It’s not just about not afraid to make mistakes. But some times it’s the acknowledging it that is difficult. In fact, I think it’s impossible not to make mistakes in our whole life.
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