Akismet Activated

If you been reading my blog long enough, you would know that I’m not a fan of spam blocker like word verification. I feel that if there is an additional step for the human commenter, it is not a good blocker. And not to mention that some word verification blocker are so good that they block both spammer and humans.
My blog has been running without any spam blocker since day one. I receive emails whenever someone post a comment on my blog. If it is a spam, I’ll delete it manually. That wasn’t much of a problem for me. Until recently.
Everyone has been telling me to turn on akismet ever since I moved to wordpress. I thought that wasn’t necessary as I can still manually delete the spam. But somehow spammers seem to target wordpress more than blogspot. The amount of spam I’m getting is much higher than my old blogspot blog.
Left with no choice, I decided to turn on Akismet. I wonder how this thing works. Well, I’ll find out soon when it catches a spam. Do let me know if your comment has been mistakenly blocked by Akismet. After all, this is just an artificial intelligence.
Update: 15 minutes after installing Akismet and it already caught 2 spam. I’m impressed.


  1. Wah…. A spam comment complaining about spam. This is so funny. Can’t bear to delete. I’ll just remove the URL and keep it. 😀

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