Something interesting is about to happen at NLB website

I was invited by Jean & The Rambling Librarian to have a sneak peak at some changes to the NLB website and give some feedback.
We were told that everything is confidential and requested not to blog about the things we saw that night until 15 Apr. Unless we want to make The Rambling Librarian become The Rambling Unemployed. But since he fed us well, I decide to keep my mouth shut. (Or keyboard off.)
But then, it’s hard to not blog about something so exciting. SO I guess I’ll just show you guys things that are ok for you all to see. (And won’t get our fave librarian fired)

That’s Nicole posing next to the signboard which says “PL web preview”.
And the NLB website says:

Get more out of our new websites on 15 April 2008
NLB’s website will be taking on a new look and 2 new library websites serving the users of the National Library ( and the public libraries ( will be launched to serve your information and learning needs better.
Visit our websites on 15 April 2008 to find out more.

OK, that is ALL I can reveal. Haha. Check out the 2 new website on 15 April 2008.

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