Giving free BJ for the 30th time

When Jean told me that she never had BJ for her entire life, I was quite shocked. “Are you sure you never had a BJ before?!?!” Cannot be lah. BJ is so good and she never had it before? OMG…. She is missing out the greatest pleasure in life.
But she cannot have BJ now as she just had a throat operation recently. So I promise to give her BJ when she recovered.
I know, I know…. right now you all must be complaining that I’m unfair and also demanding BJ from me. Well, I can’t give everyone a BJ. But someone is giving out free BJ on 29 Apr. Come with a free cone too! Heard that this is the 30th time they giving out free BJ. COOL STUFF from a bunch of nice guys!

Got poster and facebook event somemore. Don’t play play.
This entry is in response to Jean’s entry. And also to ease the tension in Stop arguing over gay issue lah. Go have a BJ instead!
PS: In case you still don’t know, BJ stands for Ben & Jerry. Don’t think dirty hor!


  1. seriously, i was baffled by what bj you were hollering about, so came by to check it out. The brain can’t certainly be blamed for straying a little, c’mon… lol~

  2. Eugene: Hee hee. 🙂
    Mintea: No lah, you don’t have a dirty mind. This post is purposely written in such a way that it will mislead people.

  3. In one of my first few visits to Singapore (I think it was my second), I confessed to Nic that I haven’t had a BJ before.
    He quickly stopped at a petrol station and gave me a BJ. If I remember correctly, it was a Chubby Hubby BJ.
    precious’s last blog post..Baby Xin Yi came to visit!

  4. Tianhong: Eh, its for a good cause ok. 😛
    Precious: Your first BJ is at a petrol station? Aiyo. You should try BJ at the scoop shop. More Shiok. 🙂
    NTT: Actually, I not interested in the free BJ. Will be too crowded and I don’t think I’ll enjoy the BJ. Don’t mind paying for a good BJ. 🙂
    DeLan: Yeap yeap. BJ is good. 😀

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