I'm a human!! Let me post a comment!!!

Sometimes, I really really cannot stand those word verification on blog comments.

So what exactly is this?
Is it “actxand”? Or “adxand”? Or “aclxand”? Or “acbcand”?
And I only got one chance.
They told me nevermind, if I cannot get it right, they will give me a new one. Sure…. But I ended up trying 6 times before I can post a comment.
Who are they trying to block? Human or Spam Bot?
Sometimes, I get so pissed off by these word verifications that I decided not to post a comment after several tries.
For goodness sake, I’m a human!! Let me post a comment!!!


  1. Cris: Clever.
    You better treasure that comment hor. Tried 6 times then get it. Some more I need to re-enter my password everytime I try. πŸ˜›

  2. Ridz: We will never find out.
    Cobaltpaladin: Wah ciao…. don’t need to rub salt into the wound 1 mah.
    Moby: But my evil twin is also a human.

  3. Those things irk me too. I’ve initially intended to use something like that for my blog, but why impose something on others when I don’t like the system myself? I then decided to go for moderated comments which, IMHO, is a much better option.
    Sicarii’s last blog post..Revelation 17

  4. LOL! I myself don’t like that sort of verification too. It is irritating just to key the those wordings.
    Sometime, I wish they have some solution to this so that people don’t have to get a headache over this. =S
    HuiHuiakaTara’s last blog post..Opps!

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