Simplyjean is Power Blogger!

Cobalt Paladin said that I’m a Power Blogger because I merely talk about dinner at 3am and it went to top 10 in Despite the fact that I post it in the middle of the night on Saturday.
But seriously, I don’t think I deserve this title. Just look at today’s top 10 list. 4 entries by Simplyjean on top 10! If she is not the Power Blogger, I don’t know who is.

P.S. If this posts get into top 10 in, it is because her name was being mentioned. Nothing to do with me. I’m not worthy.


  1. No lah, I still think you are power blogger. See, my post that mentioned you as power blogger #2 and will be reaching #1.
    Ask SimplyJean to post about her having dinner at 3am and see if the post reaches top 10!
    cobaltpaladin’s last blog post..Corporate Junk #7

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