An imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm

After reading the Mas Selamet report, I came out with an imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm.
Gurkha 1: Eh, How come he take so long 1 huh?
Gurkha 2: Don’t know leh.
Gurkha 1: Then how? Handbook never say what to do when detainee took long toilet break leh.
Gurkha 2: You sure don’t have?
Gurkha 1: Confirm don’t have. I was reading when he inside the shower.
Gurkha 2: OK, I go check with the SDO.
Female SDO: Haven’t come out? How huh? I cannot kick open the door. I female.
Gurkha 2: Then how? You incharge here leh. Our handbook didn’t say what we should do. Can we kick open the door?
Female SDO: No no, you don’t have the security clearance to kick open the door. Wait report how to write?
Gurkha 2: Then how? He inside there very long liao.
Female SDO: But I female, I not enough strength to kick the door open.
Gurkha 2: Then how? What if he escape?
Female SDO: I know, I go find a male SDO to kick the door. You all wait lah. Ask that Mas Salemat guy to stay there don’t move first.
You must be wondering why I came up with this imaginary conversation. 3 people guarding Mas Salemat. 2 Gurkha Guards and a female SDO. None of them kick the door open when he stayed inside too long. Instead they go find another male SDO to kick the door open. What the hell were they thinking?

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