Bringing my money elsewhere

I was having a meeting with client last week at Bugis TCC. The meeting went well despite the 180 change in direction and the fact that all the stuff that we done previously is going into the trash bin. Oh well, I guess that is common. Will get used to it.
Anyway, the meeting ended within an hour and the client left. I decided to stay behind grab another drink, have a small bite and do some work. So I took out my laptop, power adaptor and plug it to the nearest powerpoint. No power. Strange. I tried the other powerpoint, also no power.
I call the waitress for the menu and ask why the powerpoint has no power. She said that they switch off all the power on the powerpoint. I guess it is to prevent people from staying too long at their cafe. I know it is their management’s instructions and there is no point talking too much about it.
So I told her to forget the menu and give me bill instead. I’m bringing my money elsewhere.


  1. Yes I agree with you. No point spending money on the place when they don’t want to serve you. I guess it is troublesome trying to find a place to sit down and do some work. Thankfully some coffee houses are nice enough to allow people to just grab a cup of coffee and work for a few hours whilst waiting for another event.
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