Singapore is a freaking small place

I just re-discovered that Singapore is a freaking small place.
Help my friend bring 3 little kittens that he found lately to the vet. After the vet, I brought the kitten to his friend place as he will be busy for the next few days and wouldn’t have time to take care of the kitten.
When I reach the place, his friend is not in but her husband is at home. I find him very familiar, but can’t recall where I seen him before. It took me short while to recall that he is actually Shelly‘s husband. I’ve seen his photos in her blog! Why am I so stupid? I should I known it is her when they told me her name and her address. I knew she stays around that area.
Singapore is a freaking small place. Didn’t expect my friend to know her too.
Then I suddenly recalled that she wrote a twitter message the night before.

WAH PIANG! I’m sitting on the floor!!!!!


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