A day in DK’s life – 23 Apr 2008

800am: Woke up, clear email and stuff.
915am: Left home for client’s office. Long time never wear shirt and pants.
950am: Reach client place for a short presentation. Everything looks good.
1100am: Went for breakfast/lunch at nearby hawker center.
1145am: Went back office to get some stuff done.
200pm: Still doing my work in office. Initially planned to present the easySafe lucky draw prize to the winner. But he couldn’t make it today. So will present the prize to him on a later date.
300pm: Meet up with one of our partner at Bugis TCC. Had a very fruitful discussion. Looking forward to their new product launch.
400pm: First interviewee arrived. Still having discussion with our partner. So I did the interview with her first while Paddy continue the discussion with the partner. Damn, should have allocated more time for the discussion.
415pm: Basically finish asking everything I need to ask. Paddy came over to grill her for second round.
430pm: Interview with first interviewee completed. 2nd interviewee arrived just in time. Paddy did the interview with her while I went back to chat and discuss some stuff with our partner.
545pm: Paddy finally finished interview. We wrap up the discussion with our partner and arrange to meet up again next week to discuss in further details. Things are looking good. Left TCC and discuss some stuff with Paddy. Suddenly got some very interesting idea.
630pm: Paddy went for his other meeting and I’m left hanging around. Last minute appointment cancelled. Don’t want to travel during peak hours. So I hang around Raffles City area.
700pm: Got a sudden craving for Carl’s Jr. Decided to walk over to Marina Sq. Couldn’t finish a meal by myself. I think my stomach has shrunk lately.
800pm: Ridz decides to come Raffles City Starbucks to do some work. I met him for a cup of coffee and have some interesting discussion with him. I always enjoyed chatting with Ridz. He is full of interesting ideas.
1115pm: Decided to leave Starbucks and head home. It’s been another long day.

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