Would you know if I didn't tell you that….

Would you know if I didn’t tell you that some of the blog entries that were posted this week are actually written on Sunday and Monday?
New Battery for my K800i
Bringing my money elsewhere
Sim Lim Square wireless@sg down for 2 months
Who is complacent anyway?
An imaginary conversation that took place between 3:54pm and 4:05pm
What to do? Been busy on weekdays. Don’t want to leave this blog empty for too long. Have to pre-write all the entries when I’m free. Luckily wordpress can allow us to write now and publish later. Cool features.
PS: This blog entry is written today.

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  1. The blogger can also allow entries to be written and posted later. But i have to agree with you wordpress rocks especially with the amount of widgets and plugins available.
    hungzai’s last blog post..Scream Mum

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