Everyone loves free BJ

I was at Cathay yesterday when they are giving out free BJ. Yes! Giving out free BJ in broad-daylight. These people really daring. I knew lots of people will be queuing up for free BJ. Well, it’s not everyday when someone gives out free BJ.
But I didn’t expect the queue to be THIS LONG.

Can’t fit everything in my camera. But you know roughly how long the queue is. Here is what happen. Cathay BJ is at level 2. The queue goes from BJ to the escalator, up to level 3, go 1 round the whole level 3 and still got leftovers.
Seriously, we all know that BJ is good, especially when it is free. But it’s just not worth the effort. I rather pay for my BJ and enjoy it at my leisure.
Most of the people queuing up are the students. Actually, if you look carefully, you get representative from every school in Singapore.
PS: In case you STILL STILL don’t know, BJ stands for Ben & Jerry.


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