He really likes to make fun of Bush. Haha.
Top 10 George Bush movie rejected titles

Top 10 Questions President Bush Asked The Pope

Top 10 Signs President Bush Has Too Much Time On His Hands

Top 10 Ways George W. Bush Can Improve His Approval Rating

Counting down to 20 Jan 2009. It will be over soon……

Who would have thought that the backside of a duck can give you some words of wisdom?

Winner leads. Others follow.
Stay Original. Be Uniquely HiP

But wait. I thought Singapore Duck Tour wasn’t an original idea. It was already available in US before it came to Singapore. Oops. Hahaha….

Remember last time when I blog about Creative pushing advertisement at the bottom of your web browser when you are on Qmax Wireless@sg? Someone suggested that I take a snapshot of that advertisement on Apple website. Here you go.

Haha. It’s not everyday you get to see a company advertising on a competitor’s website.
I still get the weird feeling whenever I’m using Qmax wireless@sg. Don’t like their shameless way of inserting advertisement at the bottom of every webpage that we visit. True enough that this is a free WIFI network. But the other two wireless@sg service provider didn’t do that. Didn’t IDA pay them enough?
The same question still lingers in my head. Can website owners sue creative for forcing advertisement on their website?

Remember I mentioned that you can still access website like playboy and youporn that are blocked by MDA? Just key the URL without the “WWW”. Looks like MDA discovered the loophole and fixed it.
Tough luck guys.
But the thing is, why bother blocking them in the first place? There are tons of such sites online. How many can they block?

After reading thru the patent list, I discovered that there are tons of things in this world that hasn’t been patented yet. Perhaps we should patent them and sue people’s ass for infringing our patents. Here is the top 10 list of ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks.
Top 10 ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks
10) Method of walking by alternative movement of the left and right lower limp
9 ) Method of selecting an item on a Personal Computer by a mouse click
8 ) Method of consuming nutrition thru mouth for the purpose of providing nutritional needs
7 ) Method of creating sound by striking two palms together
6 ) Method of inhaling oxygen and carbon dioxide using the mouth or nose
5 ) Method of gesture by extending the middle finger of the hand while bending the other fingers into the palm
4 ) Method of positioning head on the table with the face facing a downwards position
3 ) Method of releasing body fluid when in a standing, squatting or sitting position
2 ) Method of coming out with ridiculous top 10 list
And the number one top 10 ridiculous patents that you should register to earn quick bucks
1 ) Method of patenting ridiculous patents.