Review on my 2008 New Year Resolution

It’s already 4 months into 2008. Wow… time really flies when you are busy. Perhaps it is time to take out my 2008 New Year Resolution and see what have I achieved so far.
1) Exercise more
Didn’t do that. The guys at BLOG2u are getting corporate gym membership account. But I didn’t take up. Don’t even got the time to go downstair for a jog, where got time go gym?
2) Improve on my english and learn a new language
English? Hmmm…. not sure if I have improved or not. Maybe a bit.
Learn a new language? Been wanting to do that. Soon, soon. (Refer to #4)
3) Invest more money
This is a bit hard. No idea where to invest the money in. And also, need some money for other purpose. No spare cash to invest now.
4) Stop procrastination
Confirm failed badly. I really need to do something about this badly.
5) Work on the opportunities that I’ve found in 2007
Lost some opportunities. But still working on the rest. At least this look more hopeful.
OK, need to do something about my 2008 New Year Resolution.


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