Hugging my iMac tight tight

Apple has recently updated their iMac series by giving them a faster processor and more RAM.
I bought a mid range iMac back in Dec 07. It has a 2.4ghz processor and 1gb RAM (But they give me another 1gb free). Now the mid range iMac has a 2.66ghz processor and 2gb RAM by default. That’s a huge difference. In fact, my mid range iMac now looks like the low end iMac.
And this also means that they will stop selling iMac with my specs. OMG…. They are killing off my iMac.
*Hugz my iMac tight tight*

No worries. I still love you lots lots.
PS: I know many people say this photo looks weird. But I don’t care.
Continue to hug iMac tight tight.


  1. Awww man that is so cute. :3
    โ†จ Makes me wish I had a Mac. ๐Ÿ™
    Don’t worry, I’m getting one after I graduate day of peace. ๐Ÿ˜›
    :] .โ•ฉ.

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