Scarlet – The hit new TV series

When I first got the invite, I thought it was a new TV series that is going to be shown on AXN or Channel 5. After all, it says David Nutter productions in the invite card.
The event was held at an event room at the Singapore Flyer. The setup looks very glamorous with red carpet, models, stars and photographers everywhere. Wong Li Lin was there! For a moment, I thought it was the Grammy Award.

Well, it is a a TV series. Just that it is a LG TV series. Everyone was caught by surprised. We were expecting those TV series that is going to be shown on TV. Not a new series of TV. Good usage of words. In fact, the trailer already give a couple of hints already.

“I want to put her in every home in the planet”
“What you mean she is going to change TV forever?”

But I do wonder something….. who are the media present? Are they technology reporters or entertainment reporters? Luckily for us bloggers, we basically cover everything from technology, entertainment, politics, sports to world news.
The event stress lots on the unveiling of the secret behind the trailer. But it didn’t go much into the main star of the night. But luckily we were all given a media kit.

Who is Scarlet? I mean real Scarlet.
Scarlet, or LG60, is a new range of TV from LG that comes in 4 different sizes. 32, 37, 42 and 47 inch. The back of the TV is bright red. Looks beautiful if you aren’t going to wall mount it.
Scarlet is just 1.7 inches thick slim! WOW. LG claims its the world’s slimmest LCD TV. Scarlet comes with full HD ready 1080p. It has a sensor which analyses the surrounding light and adjust the screen brightness to the optimal level.
But the key feature I think is the speakers. Scarlet uses a unique invisible speaker system that is specially tuned by renowned audio expert, Mr Mark Levinson. Cool stuff. Too bad I didn’t get to experience it myself. But with Mark Levinson’s name on it, you can be assured of the highest quality speakers.
I wonder if I can get a review set. 🙂
It was a great event. We went up the Singapore Flyer for a joy ride after the unveiling of Scarlet. Maybe another blog entry for that. The gift pack was huge. There is a digital photo frame pre-loaded with images and trailers of Scarlet. Cool. Many prominent bloggers were invited to this event. Had a great time hanging out with them. Didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone. Hope to do so in future events.

More photos of the event can be found here and here.
Many thanks to LG Scarlet for this great event. Thanks to Fleishman Hillard and Gavin Foo for hosting us. And thanks to Sabrina for inviting me to such a wonderful event.


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  2. I for one am not amused. When this campaign first started sites that follow Marvel character’s were ablaze setting rumors of a new series loosely based on the Scarlet Witch. The Smallville director connection is what sold those rumors. It made sense with Marvel’s continued success at the BO in 2007 & news that Marvel would be producing their own films & series soon.
    Then the annoucement came & the sentiment is “you suck LG!” I can not see how this will drive sales. Angry sentiment makes you lose customers for life. The best thing they can do now is to get that director to pitch a new Scarlet series to both Marvel & the CW & try to get it going. The anger would quickly turn to praise & sales patronage is likely to follow.

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