A summary of yesterday's spam comments

It’s been almost a month since I turn on Akismet. The number of spams caught have just exceeded 800 yesterday.
800 in 1 month!! Amazing.
That’s an average of 26 spam per day!!! WOW. Luckily I turn on Akismet. I can’t imagine what will happen if I didn’t turn it on.
Yesterday was weird. For some unknown reason, there were lots of spam. So much that I’ve decide to do a summary of yesterday’s spam comments.
“Useful site. Thanks” – 21
“Nice site. Thanks” – 8
“Good site. Thanks” – 13
“Very good site. Thanks” – 10
“Cool site. Thanks” – 16
“Life insurance” – 2
“Term life insurance” – 2
“Whole life insurance” – 2
“affordable health insurance” – 2
Total 76 spam comments.
What is wrong with all these spammers anyway?

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