It’s amazing that I finished giving out 100 namecards in just 1 month plus. I didn’t expect it to be so fast. Must be all the networking events that I’ve been attending lately. Just got another 2 boxes of namecard couple of days back. Let’s see how fast will I finish giving them out.
I have been receiving quite lots of namecards lately. These are all the namecards that I got over the past few months.

Scary right?
I think I need a better way to store all the namecards. Maybe I should get a namecard holder. Those stylo type can put on table one.


  1. Nadnut: Good eyesight!!
    Nicole: Yeap. 1 big stack. Need to find a better storage.
    Wishbone: Wow…. that is a nice idea. 🙂

  2. dk: why don’t u get a huge name card album? easy to store and look up when you need. that’s what I did to the name cards I receive.
    alas, I need a bigger name card album 😛
    nicole’s last blog post..Reflections (1)

  3. Usually after the namecards hit a certain height I will just enter them into the Mac’s address book and then sync it to the phone and throw them all away.
    But before I do that, will drop a line or a call to those that I met to catch up a bit.

  4. Nicole: I’m thinking those table stand look more stylo leh. 🙂
    Charlene: I don’t mind advance birthday present. 😀
    Paddy: Wah, don’t throw away my namecard leh. Haha.

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