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I was interviewed by Mypaper on Monday evening regarding my reaction on the news about Singtel bringing iPhone into Singapore. And the article was printed yesterday. Impressed by the speed of the reporters once again.
The interview was conducted thru phone. And I have to do the interview twice. Once for the Chinese paper side and the other for the English paper side. Both interview took roughly 10 minutes each. But as usual, only a short paragraph was printed.
Here is my 5 seconds of fame.

Mr Darryl Kang, 28, chief operating officer of Blog2U, hopes that Singtel will release this 3G version. “I held back on buying the iPhone for it,” he said.

Can’t copy the chinese text. It’s almost saying the same thing as the English version. 🙂
Anyway, I become “Apple Fa Shao You” aka “Apple Fever Friend”. Haha. OK, the translation says “Enthusiastic Fan”. I think the appropriate word would be “Fan boy” instead.


  1. hahhah, fa shou you , me too thinking of getting an iPhone, but when i heard of the 3G version will be out very soon, i held back. Erm..shall i wait for it or not ? hahaahah =p
    elaine’s last blog post..A time of myself

  2. Elaine: Yeap. Wait a while. Should be out in a couple of months time. Not worth it to buy now.
    Tesseract: Thanks. 🙂
    Tianhong: Not as busy as you leh. My email you haven’t reply yet LOR.

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