Chengdu Earthquake

I was quite shocked when I heard over the radio that there was a serious earthquake at Chengdu. Didn’t know that Chengdu is in the earthquake zone. The whole disaster affected me slightly because my ex-company used to outsource some stuff to Chengdu and I’ve been working closely with several people there. Even though I’ve never met them personally, I still feel somehow connected to the whole incident.
Email an ex-colleague to find out if they are ok. Understand from her that everyone from the team is safe. But the operations at Chengdu has to stop for some time while they sort out everything. I’m sort of relief to hear that. One of my ex-colleague just returned from Chengdu last month after posting there for a year. Lucky chap. But the other guy who took over his role in China isn’t so lucky. Sway sway ganna earthquake shortly after one month. But luckily he is safe and sound.
Was watching the evening news. The damage is really bad. Recuse efforts are still on the way. Roads to the affected area are badly damaged. The Liberation Army have to either walk or parachute into the affected area. Salute the efforts made by them. Also respect to Prime Minister Wen Jiabao for going into the affected areas 90 minutes after the earthquake occured.
Was deeply touched when the news showed recuse workers pulling out a 20 year old gal whose birthday is today. The recuse workers sang her a birthday song while she was on her way to the ambulance. I bet that must be the best birthday song she has ever heard.
The red cross is appealing to the public to donate money to help the victims of this terrible disaster.


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