Lunch at 3am

Woke up at 10plus today. Caught up at work until 4pm. Didn’t managed to eat anything. Went swenson and ordered lots of food. Even ordered a earthquake for dessert.
Was feeling hungry at 3am again. Went to the Mcdonalds downstair to buy the usual.
20 pieces of McNuggets
1 large fries
1 bottle of hoegaarden

If the first meal of the day is Breakfast and the second meal is Lunch, then this is my lunch.
I think I’ll skip dinner today.


  1. Hmm…. Didnt know Macs sold Hoegarden… lol
    Hey bro, if you’re gonna keep having dinner/lunch/watever at 3am, then maybe we should meet up once in a while. Cos I’m awake at those hours too!!! LOL
    Dhope’s last blog post..Fair discrimination please!!!

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