Now I understand Cobalt Paladin's frustration

I always told Cobalt Paladin that there is no need to blog anonymously. Could never understand why the need to go under a Optimus Prime mask. Until lately when I encountered his kind of frustration.
Encountered several events recently that really pissed me off. The usual DK would just post those frustration on his blog. But the thing is, these issues aren’t concerning just me. It is related to BLOG2u. And by writing about them, my writing not only represent myself, they also represent BLOG2u in some way. As an individual, I have no worries because it is just me. But as a company, I got my investors, my partner and my staffs that I need to worry about.
Although they are clearly in the wrongs, as a company, we can’t go around blasting them online. Although this is my personal blog, I can’t blog freely about them here as people will surely link my words here to the company.
I’m so tempted to start another blog somewhere in the blogsphere. Do it anonymously so that I can write about the things that these companies are doing. At least I can vent my anger and frustration there.


  1. I understand your frustration completely.
    There are things which we can’t blog freely because it not only affects you but the company image as well.

  2. Or you can keep a journal 🙂
    I think it really helps. And if you’re thinking that it takes too long to write, or handwriting is horrible, I think the fact that you need to actually sit down and gather your thoughts before you literally pen it down helps to actually slow life down a while so that you get a ‘calmer’ picture of things.
    Plus, it’s really really private…unless kena stolen.
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  3. I would second Ridz’s advice. In addition to what he said, you have some web presence. Hope I’m not wrong here but CP has like one anonymous blog right? You already have this blog and your blogspot one. People can tie two and two together with these prominent clues. It’s quite hard to maintain a total mask when you show your face elsewhere. I think.
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  4. Motd: You also ganna before ah?
    Ridz: Maybe considering writing on word document instead.
    Fari: Do you think people will be able to guess that it is me if I blog with another nick?

  5. Paddy: Oh, for that issue, I confirm will write everything down on my blog. Including that company name. Take it as a public announcement service. Let people know how bad the service is.
    I’m actually referring to another issue. 😛
    Nic: That sounds like a good idea. 🙂

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