Starhub blocking BitTorrent Traffic

A recent studies by Max Planck Institute for Software Systems shows that some ISP around the world has been blocking P2P traffic (AKA BitTorrent)
Surprisingly, Singapore’s Starhub rank 3rd in the list, blocking 26 out of 45 tests.

1. All hosts which observed blocking did so in the upstream direction (i.e., when the client host attempted to upload data to one of our Glasnost servers). Only a handful of hosts observed blocking for downstream BitTorrent transfers.
2. We found widespread blocking of BitTorrent transfers only in the U.S. and Singapore. Interestingly, even within these countries, most of the hosts that observed blocking belonged to a few large ISPs.
3. Both in the U.S. and in Singapore, all hosts that suffered BitTorrent blocking are located in cable ISPs. We did not see any blocking of BitTorrent transfers from DSL hosts in these countries.

Congrats Starhub. Number 3 in the world. Woohoo!
I’m so glad I’m on Singnet.


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