Mas Selamat – Malaysian Style

Our northern neighbor also got a prisoner escape during toilet break. Except, it’s the guard taking toilet break instead of prisoner taking toilet break. And his escape is much more exciting and took more than 49 seconds.

Malaysian suspect escapes in police car while handcuffed
KUALA LUMPUR – A SUSPECT in a drug case escaped custody in Malaysia by driving off in a police car with his handcuffs still on.
The 24-year-old man got away on Thursday when police transporting him to court stopped for a toilet break in the northern Perak state, local police chief Roslan Bek Ahmad said Friday.
Police were bringing the man from northern Alor Star town to a court in Klang town in central Malaysia for trial. Along the way, they stopped at a rest area off a highway.
Two of the policemen went to the toilet while a third officer remained with the suspect in the car. The suspect overpowered the officer, got behind the wheel and sped away, driving with his hands still cuffed, Mr Roslan said.
A police roadblock on the highway managed to slow down the suspect. But he turned around and drove against the traffic for several kilometres. The car eventually skidded down a slope and crashed into a tree, Mr Roslan said.
‘We managed to get the police car back, but he escaped’ on foot, Mr Roslan said.
Mr Roslan said the suspect was at large on Friday.
Klang police chief Mohamed Mat Yusop said the suspect was due to be tried Friday on a 2004 heroin possession charge. He declined to identify the man.

Steal police car? Wow! Power man.
BTW, it’s almost 3 months since Mas Selamat escape. Wonder which beach resort is he at now.


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